How To Choose The Right Cross Training Shoe


While if you do a lot of hard exercises daily, then the best pair of shoes is much needed. One of the biggest mistakes that we all do while starting our daily jogging, running, walking is a use of an old used pair of shoes. This is something we need to avoid. As sneakers are most important thing need to consider while having your exercise. However, choosing a pair of shoes for a specific exercise can be difficult. But cross-training shoes are the best choice for your heavy-duty exercises, including playing tennis, do movements and jumping jack.  However, today we are going to discuss how to choose the right cross training shoe for this. All you need is to read this article and then decide accordingly.

The points you need to consider while choosing the right cross training shoe.

How to choose the right cross training shoe: Tips and ways

  • Choose right brand:

One of the main tips while choosing the right cross training shoe is to choose the right brand. You need to select the shop that you can trust on for your shoe needs. It is very important to select the brand by some professional pieces of advice of users that are already using cross-training shoes. This will give you an idea of next step.

  • Select the correct size:

The second main thing after choosing brand is to select the correct size of cross-training shoe. For this, you need to test the fit of each shoe. You can check this by putting your toes in shoes and do jiggling. For the right fit, the shoe should have space to jiggle the toes. The feet should feel comfortable, cosy and easy to move while running and walking. However, by doing such to and fro movements, you can get the correct size for cross-training shoe.

  • Select by shape of foot

The other main thing is to select a pair of shoes by keeping in mind the shape of your feet. You need to figure out all the fit issues related to a shoe. Moreover, you need to make sure that whether the cross-training shoe is the best fit your foot structure or not. You can do this by wearing a pair of socks. If cross-training shoes give you cushioning feel, that’s mean it is going with your foot.

Note: Only consider those shoes that are lightweight and easy to walk with.

Advantages and disadvantages of shoes built material:

The fit and material of shoes are the two main important factors for considering a right pair of cross-training shoes. Mostly the outsoles of shoes made up of carbon rubber with blown rubber. However, mostly cross-training shoes come up in two main materials, including synthetic and leather.

The advantage of synthetic material is it gives space, comfort, durability, and lightness to foot.  Similarly, the leather compound also uses for manufacturing. But the disadvantage of this is that it does not provide space for breath but provide durability as well. Similarly, leather cross-trainer shoes mostly use as a style statement.

All materials have advantages and disadvantages and needs vary from person to person. So these are the few tips you need to keep in your mind for choosing a right pair of shoes.

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What is the difference between running and cross training shoes?

You all have heard the words running shoes and the cross-trainer shoes once in life. But can you tell the actual difference between them? Might be your answer is the running shoes use for running and cross-trainers for heavy activities but does it shows the practical difference between them? Not at all.

The definition of the difference between running and cross training shoes is not that much simple. However, if you want to know the striking features of both different kinds of shoes, then you need to read this article until the end to have the best points about their difference.

We all are living in the era of life where staying active is the hour of need. Walking, running, jogging, workouts all lie under healthy activities and for performing all these, we need most comfortable and convenient pair of shoes that perfectly complements our exercise. The exercise shoes come in a wide range of models including cross-trainers and runners. Both of these have different designing, features, functions, and purpose. However, for specific activities, you need to choose the right type of shoe to suit your requirements.

Here are some of the salient points that demonstrate the difference between running and cross-training shoes.

The structure of Cross-trainers VS Runners:

If we talk about the structure of both these shoe types, then we can see a significant difference in the external and internal looks of both. Cross-trainer shoes are mostly wide and stable from the base for lateral movements. Cross-trainers are heavy made them extra durable and rigid for performing heavy activities. This type of shoe is not suitable for running, jogging and doing something like this. On the other hand, running shoes are mostly light in weight that makes it more comfortable for running. The soft sole of runner shoes makes them best fit for running the marathon. Moreover, the cross-trainer shoes are best for playing basketball, doing weight-lifting, etc.

The purpose of Cross-trainer/Running shoes:

Both these exercise shoes have distinctive purposes. Cross-trainer shoes are used for lateral movements, including weight lifting, playing football or basketball, or doing Zumba workout, etc. It saves us from many different kinds of injuries during our heavy workouts. Moreover, cross-trainer shoes are cushioning and provide much support for side-to-side movements.

Similarly, on the other hand, running shoes are widely used for running purposes, including jogging, walking, etc. The thin sole of running shoe make them more comfortable for those who are used to go for a walk once in a day.

The functioning of Cross-trainer/Running shoes toward training:

Cross-trainer and running shoes play distinct roles towards training. However, cross-trainers help the user to move in all directions with broader front foot base. The main feature of cross-trainers is that they are best for preventing injuries due to their front foot flexibility and weight-bearing stability

While on the other hand, runners are the best choice for the people who love to go far mile. The super flexible sole of running shoes makes this perfect one for running. These are highly flexible from toe area with overall cushioning that allows shock absorb during the hit.

So these are some of the common differences between running and cross-training shoes.

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What is the cross training shoes and its benefit?

We all know that how much shoes are essential for our daily activities. However, having the right choice shoes make a significant difference in how your feet, legs and back feel while doing any exercise. If you are a yogi, like to do strength training or run miles every day, then it is imperative to choose a right pair of shoes for your activities.

If we are talking about shoes that can serve us comfort and durability while doing any strength activity, then what can be better than the cross training shoes?

Cross-training Shoes:

Cross training shoes are the best choice for your feet during strength training or cross training. These are one of the most versatile style shoes that have ever introduced in the market for daily activities. They are comfortable, easy to adjust and use as multipurpose shoes. Cross training shoes are breathable. However, the sole of shoes tends to be hard because they are designed for heavy duty including, weightlifting, for gym classes and agility training in which multi-directional movement is needed.

How was cross-training shoes built?

Cross training shoes are especially designed for the sportspersons and have been on the market for many years. However, these came into existence since the 1990’s when people started to begin exercising more. During 80’s there was a great inflow of exercisers at gyms. However, the people are more dedicated about different activities like doing gym, playing basketball and do hiking, but didn’t spend money on exercise shoes yet, hence, Nike noticed this and the very first training shoes The Air Trainer 1 by Tinker Hartfield.

Benefits of cross-training shoes during training:

No doubt that cross training shoes are a hybrid of many different types of athletic footwear. So there are many advantages of using cross training shoes in training.

  • Prevent joints and ankles from injury:

As we all know in cross training there is a range of movements included like jumping jacks, cutting, breaking, lifting and changing direction quickly. For this, we need to choose a pair of shoes that can help us in preventing unwanted joint injuries. Because sometimes by these actions, the sportsman can get a severe injury.

Cross training shoes are the best choice to prevent injuries as training shoes have a comfortable upper and midsole which is better for multi-direction movement. With a close to the ground heel drop, the shoes help us to move more swiftly and conveniently in all directions while doing exercise. Cross trainer shoes are the best fit because these prevent injuries by helping you to launch your feet more comfortable on the ground without pressure. These are lightweight, easy and efficient to move in multiple directions for training not for running.

  • Help in lateral movement:

Unlike other kinds of shoes like running shoes which don’t provide lateral (side-to-side) support for feet with a thin sole, cross-training shoes are the best for lateral movement. The base of the cross shoes is literally solid and rigid. This property makes this type of shoes really incredible for side-to-side movement.

So it’s better to choose shoes according to the niche of exercise that you are up to. If you are doing cross training, then trainer shoes are best fit. Similarly, for running purposes, the running shoes are incredible.

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Click here to see the review of the top 5 of the best cross training shoes for women


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Top 5 Review of the Best Cross Training Shoes For Women

Cross training has become one of the most popular types of fitness programs to emerge in the health industry. The program incorporates many different types of fitness routines and sports into one major workout. The end result is a high intensity cardio and strength building routine.

Having the right equipment for cross training is essential. One of the most important pieces of equipment you need to have is your shoes. Cross training requires a lot of movement, and your feet need excellent support so that they do not become overworked.

Best Cross Training Shoes For Women:

1. RYKA Women’s Influence Cross Training Shoe


The RYKA Influence is at the top of the list for the best cross trainers for women. This lightweight shoe is completely synthetic and is ergonomically designed for ultimate support. The fabric allows your feet to breathe and stay dry. Superior arch support and spring cushioning add to the benefits of these womens cross training shoes.

Click here to get the best deal on Amazon for th RYKA Women’s Influence Cross Training Shoe

I purchased these shoes after my Zumba instructor suggested I get shoes specifically for Zumba. Get the right shoe for the right activity, she said. I had told her how my knees had been hurting and that is why I didn’t do some of the higher impact moves, and she said the right shoes should help. I was a bit skeptical, and almost didn’t get these shoes especially because of the price point, but I am so glad I did. I wear 6 1/2 or 7, and have a fairly wide foot in the toe box area, but not so much in my heel, which ironically is how these shoes are designed, for a women’s foot, Made “For Women, By Women”, and the size 7 fit me perfectly. First thing I noticed is how lightweight, yet at the same time still very supportive, and surprisingly stable feeling they were. The real test was at my next Zumba class, and they passed with flying colors!!!! My skepticism quickly disappeared when I was doing the high impact moves that I wouldn’t even attempt before because of knee pain. I did a whole one hour class with no knee pain at all and worked out much harder than ever before since I was pain free. The lightweightedness of the shoe helped make kicks, and jumps much easier. And the spin spot on the bottom of the shoe made turns much smoother as well. As a result I am getting a much more intense workout, and becoming better at: “Zumba-ing”! I would also like to mention Amazon delivered before the projected delivery date, which was an awesome surprise to receive them so quick. Kudos to Ryka for making such a great shoe! This was my first experience with Ryka shoes and I will try some of their other shoes as well in the future.
– Tonya

2. Inov-8 Women’s F-Lite 235 Fitness Shoe


Inov-8 has created one of the best cross trainers for women who are into the high intensity part of Cross Fit training. Designed of mesh and synthetic materials, the shoe is ultra-lightweight and allows the foot to breathe. The sole is designed for extra gripping and is wider for better balance. The interior support helps keep feet feeling good, even during the most intense parts of a workout.

Click here to get the best deal on Amazon for the Inov-8 Women’s F-Lite 235 Fitness Shoe

I’ve only worn these once, but they are wonderful for lifting! I felt closer to the ground, and better in my heels during heavy lifting. My toes also had enough room to expand since I have a wider toe box, but not wide enough to get wide shoes. Highly recommend!
– Julie Kaye

3. PUMA Women’s TAZON 6 WN’s FM Cross Trainer Shoe


The PUMA Tazon 6 is ranked as one of the best cross training shoes for women on the market. Made from synthetic leather for extra durability, the shoes remain very lightweight and easy to wear. Superior support protects the arches, and the sole has gripping force so you don’t slip during your routine. These womens cross trainers are also available in many different color schemes to match your entire workout clothing.

Click here to get the best deal on Amazon for the PUMA Women’s Tazon 6 Wn’s FM Cross-Trainer Shoe

This shoe is perfect. I love the color, the fit, and way it feels when I workout. It looks great which is important to me, but most of all it’s well made, and very comfortable. I have many workout shoes because I have to look stylish when I workout, and this shoe cover all of my workout needs, from looking good, to Zumba, step, or high impact aerobic, or simply walking on the treadmill it does it all in comfort. I’m thinking of buying another pair in a different color because I like this shoe a lot.
– Norma

4. Women’s NIKE Free TR 6 Training Shoes

When it comes to NIKE cross trainers womens shoes, the Free TR 6 is the top of the line. Made from a durable mesh fabric, these NIKE cross trainers womens shoes also have superior arch support. Additionally, these NIKE cross training shoes womens style has flywire inserted in the shoe for extra snug fitting. The lightweight soles help the feet stay comfortable even through extended workout routines.

Click here to get the best deal on Amazon for the Womens Nike Free TR 6 Training Shoes

Have worn Nike Free trainers for some time and was very excited to get these. Much more support in the ankle area than my previous pair which has been especially helpful in kickboxing and Zumba classes. Like previous pairs really light weight and great colors. Very happy with the purchase overall.
– kss8

5. ASICS Women’s Gel-Craze TR4 Cross Trainer Shoe


The ASICS Gel-craze womens cross training shoes are all about comfort. The insoles have special pockets of gel cushioning along with foam to create the most comfort during high impact training. Made from breathable mesh, these womens cross trainers are also very lightweight and sturdy.

Click here to get the best deal on Amazon for the ASICS Women’s Gel-Craze TR 4 Cross-Trainer Shoe

I purchased these shoes to use for weight training, and they’ve been one of the best pairs I’ve owned for both weight training and general work out needs.

The fit was true to size. I normally wear an 8 and these fit perfectly.

The shoes are very light weight, but incredibly durable. I don’t need much arch support, but I initially had concerns if these could truly be used for a mixed fitness class (running, weights, etc.). I tried them out during one of my OrangeTheory classes and they were just fine to run in, which surprised me. They have just the right amount of cushion!

The bottoms of the shoes have great grip as well. I didn’t find my feet slipping during floor exercises (planks, mountain climbers, etc.) as some pairs in the past have done.

The color for the pink & grey pair is almost exactly as it was pictured. The pink is a little brighter and slightly more “neon-y”, but not to an obnoxious level.
– EAM1992

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Top 5 Review of the Best Cross Training Shoes For Men

A great pair of cross training shoes is essential to maintain feet health and even overall health. Cross training shoes that are well-balanced can help prevent knee pain, sprains, and arch heel pain. Good quality shoes can help those with pronation issues, and may even help runners and those serious about training exercise for a more extended amount of time and at faster speeds.

Amazon has a great selection of cross-training shoes. Here, five different Men’s brands of shoes are showcased. The brands features are Nike, Asics, Adidas, New Balance, and Puma. These are a well-known brand that has been popular for several years due to their durability, high performance, and excellent physical appearances for those who are interesting in cross-training.

1. Nike Men’s Train Prime Ison DF mens cross trainers


These shoes retail for about eighty dollars, and some in standard and half-sizes. These shoes have enhanced traction, which helps one easily transition from hitting the weights to hitting the treadmill with considerable ease. The dual density foam found in the interior of the shoe helps keep one at maximum comfort as they jump or run in a training session.

Click here to get the best deal on Amazon for the NIKE Men’s Train Prime Iron DF Cross Trainer Shoes

Once you squeeze into these, the magic happens…ahhh! You may consider half size larger than your usual fit, but I am fine with the snugness. Ultra-light and great tread along with a stylish no-frills look makes them a good choice for fitness, walking, and wearing them with a casual outfit, too. I do not often review, but these were a great buy at a very affordable price.
– Martin Van Dine

2. Asics Men’s Fuzex Tr Cross-Trainers


These are one of the best cross training shoes for men, and they are a little under seventy dollars and come in a few colors, such as white/blue and green/black. They come in standard sizes and half-sizes. 360 degrees of support and a secure fit are offered, and the shoe naturally adjusts during those high powered, intense cross training sessions. The shoe is designed for a variety of environments and help one maneuver quick-changing routines and agile movements.

Click here to get the best deal on Amazon for the ASICS Men’s Fuzex Tr Cross-trainer Shoe

Light weight and good fit! Still a little larger around your feet comparing to asics gel fortious. But is very comfortable, and seems to be ok for functional/crossfit training.
– Daniel Berto

3. Adidas Men’s Speed 3.0 mens cross trainers

These shoes are about seventy-four dollars and come in standard sizes and half sizes. The Colors vary from grey/white, white/black, all black, grey/pink and red/black. These training shoes are fantastic for long hours at a training session, and the upper mesh keeps feet cool and dry while one is working up a grueling sweat. The out-sole makes sure that one’ has impressive ground-gripping action and the lightweight shoe helps one obtain the fast speeds and time that are desired. The sole is removable, and the shaft measures low-top from the arch. These are some of the best cross training shoes for men.

Click here to get the best deal on Amazon for the adidas Men’s Speed 3.0 Cross-Trainer Shoes

I was a little skeptical about buying Adidas as I have been disappointed by the last several pair I have tried on. These are exceptionally comfortable. I use them strictly for working out. My training is always changing up my conditioning and strengthening and the shoes I had started to hurt my feet. These provide all the support I need for my circuit training and even short distance runs. I didn’t even need to break them in, right from the box to the workout.
Way to get it right Adidas…..
– UncleT

4. New Balance Men’s 40v Cross-Trainers



These mens cross training shoes are a little more than a hundred dollars and come in standard, half-width and wide sizes. These shoes contain a Vibram sole with a shaft that measures low-top from the arch and boasting a REVlite mid-sole. The Rapid Rebound in the forefoot helps proper one forward during their intense power lifts. These shoes are strong and quite runn-able. These shoes have been known to support at least 500-pound squats and dead-lifts on any given day, which earns them a title among the best cross trainers for men.

Click here to get the best deal on Amazon for the New Balance Men’s 40v1 Cross-Trainer-Shoes

I’ve been wearing new balance shoes for the last decade or so. Always been a fan of the minimus shoes released by new balance, with a few exceptions that they bombed out on. This shoe right here is New Balance’s redemption shoe to me for any poorly made pairs I’ve recently had from them. By far and without question this is the most stable and comfortable minimus shoe I have ever worn from them. I power lift on and off in my life, so that means once up to peak strength, these shoes stand up to and easily support 500lb + squats and dead lifts all day. They are also the most forgiving in terms of going for a much longer run that most if not all other minimus shoes would allow before your feet hurt. All I can say is well done New Balance, my second pair is on the way now!
– Phil Shultz Landscapes

5. Puma Men’s Tazon 6 Fracture FM Cross-Trainer


These mens cross training shoes are a little over fifty dollars and come in standard sizes and half sizes. With a modern look, these shoes provide stable cushioning for those who are active in sports, lifestyles, and fashion. The soles are removable, but they are so soft that one wouldn’t want to! Those who wore these said that walking on these shoes is like walking on air or the clouds. These are recommended for heaving squatting at the gym as well. These are also in the bracket of best cross trainers for men.

Click here to get the best deal on Amazon for the PUMA Men’s Tazon 6 Fracture FM Cross-Trainer Shoe

First off, these were a true fit for me. I normally wear size men 10.5 in Reebok/Asics and these fit great, they are almost a perfect fit. They did take a couple hours to break in but the SoftFoam padding feels good on the feet. It’s been a couple years since I’ve owned a pair of Puma’s, mainly because of the price so I was happy to get these for $40. A con for these shoes would be the width for some people, I would say that my feet are a standard width but I always had to wear wides when I wore Nike’s but I no longer like their style of shoes.

Hopefully this helps someone.
– Zachary Simmons

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