What is the difference between running and cross training shoes?

You all have heard the words running shoes and the cross-trainer shoes once in life. But can you tell the actual difference between them? Might be your answer is the running shoes use for running and cross-trainers for heavy activities but does it shows the practical difference between them? Not at all.

The definition of the difference between running and cross training shoes is not that much simple. However, if you want to know the striking features of both different kinds of shoes, then you need to read this article until the end to have the best points about their difference.

We all are living in the era of life where staying active is the hour of need. Walking, running, jogging, workouts all lie under healthy activities and for performing all these, we need most comfortable and convenient pair of shoes that perfectly complements our exercise. The exercise shoes come in a wide range of models including cross-trainers and runners. Both of these have different designing, features, functions, and purpose. However, for specific activities, you need to choose the right type of shoe to suit your requirements.

Here are some of the salient points that demonstrate the difference between running and cross-training shoes.

The structure of Cross-trainers VS Runners:

If we talk about the structure of both these shoe types, then we can see a significant difference in the external and internal looks of both. Cross-trainer shoes are mostly wide and stable from the base for lateral movements. Cross-trainers are heavy made them extra durable and rigid for performing heavy activities. This type of shoe is not suitable for running, jogging and doing something like this. On the other hand, running shoes are mostly light in weight that makes it more comfortable for running. The soft sole of runner shoes makes them best fit for running the marathon. Moreover, the cross-trainer shoes are best for playing basketball, doing weight-lifting, etc.

The purpose of Cross-trainer/Running shoes:

Both these exercise shoes have distinctive purposes. Cross-trainer shoes are used for lateral movements, including weight lifting, playing football or basketball, or doing Zumba workout, etc. It saves us from many different kinds of injuries during our heavy workouts. Moreover, cross-trainer shoes are cushioning and provide much support for side-to-side movements.

Similarly, on the other hand, running shoes are widely used for running purposes, including jogging, walking, etc. The thin sole of running shoe make them more comfortable for those who are used to go for a walk once in a day.

The functioning of Cross-trainer/Running shoes toward training:

Cross-trainer and running shoes play distinct roles towards training. However, cross-trainers help the user to move in all directions with broader front foot base. The main feature of cross-trainers is that they are best for preventing injuries due to their front foot flexibility and weight-bearing stability

While on the other hand, runners are the best choice for the people who love to go far mile. The super flexible sole of running shoes makes this perfect one for running. These are highly flexible from toe area with overall cushioning that allows shock absorb during the hit.

So these are some of the common differences between running and cross-training shoes.

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